Glossary - Product Development


AI - Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning - this is a technology that assimilates human features in computerized systems such as language, self-study, logical solutions, logical analogy and more.


Breakdown Maintenance

Treatment or repair operation on a machine or product after a malfunction. For example - repairing a flat tire in a car.

Bill Of Material

hierarchical list of all product components, divided families (trains) and sub-assemblies to the level of the item, such as a screw, a part of the tin and the like.



This survey presents a final design and controls the characterization of the project.


The cost of purchasing production and work directly related to the construction of the product, not including the profit and overhead.


The machining method using the machinery of the raw material is difficult. which by the program inserted prior to the computer to design the raw material using milling and engraving through chip removal raw materials.

Configuration Management

Management of internal and external processes in the product development process, including development procedures, engineering and organizational documentation, revisions. () etc.


3D Printing

method to quickly create models and parts, by printing thin layers of material There are a wide variety of printing methods and materials such as SLA, PLA, polymers, food concrete, etc.




Factors of Production

Machines, workers, raw materials are part of the factors of production that participate in the product manufacturing process.


Gant table

A schedule that reflects the management of project processes in a schematic manner that includes dates, hours and days of the project.





An idea, product or brand that improves or stands out in its form or characterization from its predecessor. The difference between it and an invention is that innovation deals with renewing an existing idea or product.


Mass Production

after the completion of the product development process, documentary execution and engineering and financial examinations for the product. The product is currently manufactured in bulk or in several sub-suppliers in bulk.


Load Capacity

The maximum loading weight after subtracting product safety factors. Usually measured in Newton [N]


Lead Time

time specified purchase requisition receives the product and / or service until arrival. Time includes required tests, required approvals, Standards Institute tests, etc.

Loading Test

tangible test performed by applying force (weight) to the tested product. The test is performed to verify the strength of the product.

Control Panel

A control and command unit that includes a user interface, through which you can transmit commands and data and receive indications and alerts.


Mass Production

after the completion of the product development process, documentary execution and engineering and financial examinations for the product. The product is currently manufactured in bulk or in several sub-suppliers in bulk.



production for product testing and control, there may be several models or models to carry out tests and analyzes to ensure the quality and optimized production.

New Product Introduction

process It is designed to adjust and streamline product production and reduce production costs. products: engineering documentation, catalogs, production portfolio and product and more.


Agreement between the developing company and a subcontractor, employee, etc., which commits to keeping the sensitive and / or confidential information of the project confidential.

Risk Management

prediction of risks in the development and production. Finding the critical factors that can affect the cost of the project schedule. All this to give preliminary solutions to critical points.


Project Triangle

The ratio between the characterization of the product and the cost and time of the project in a visual presentation.

Production Test

Visual tests and laboratory tests performed throughout the production process can include a penetrating color test. X-ray tests, chemical tests, stress tests, etc.


This is a model of the final product, from this stage you can proceed to create a serial or make corrections to the product design.

Product Character

A list of characteristics and requirements in the product development process, the list will usually include: type of materials, colors, dimensions, quality level, etc.

Products duration of life

This is the length of time from the end of production to the cessation of use of the product due to wear or lack of innovation.

Production Engineering

A field that deals with all production processes And the product that includes the development of analysis and streamlining of methods and production processes.


The correct level of measurement value of the rally product.

Preventive maintenance

Treatment and maintenance of a machine or product, "designed to precede a stroke." This method prevents non-initiated shutdown of the machine or product.

Product Development

Development of products consisting of a wide variety of technological methods of production and complex requirements.

Production Planning and Control

acronyms of design, supervision and production. This is the body responsible in the entire process of developing and manufacturing the product. Body Iinth will plan and predict economic managerial and operational.

Pre Production runs

production or in small quantities intended for calibration and final inspection before the start of the serial production process.


QC - Quality control

process of examining the production process, which includes exams and tests, the criteria that are routinely tested are: dimensions, finishes, colors, strength, etc. ו'

Quality Grade

Quality index - a method assisted quantitative data and indicators for determining the quality of the product.



a company or business entity that develops a product or service with a high growth potential. Usually financed through borrowing, investors and funds venture capital.

SII - Standards Institution of Israel

the Israeli Standards Institute, in which representatives of the institute, manufacturers, government and other experts participate as needed. In these committees, the recommendations of advisory committees and standard updates are reviewed.


Authorized dealer or a company providing a service or a product page for a development project product.



The application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life.