"The important thing is not to stop questioning..."

Albert Einstein

Product Development raises a lot of questions that need to be answered

Throughout the process product development, many important questions are asked, the goal is to find solutions and answers soon.


Product Development

What is product development?

What is product development?

Product  development is an engineering process to create a product, the stages are:

  1. The Need – finding or discovering a need for a solution or product.
  2. Requirements document for the product – SDR phase 
  3. Product design – PDR and CDR phases
  4. Condition assessment – return to previous stages or progress to create a prototype
  5. Serial production – after research and repair of failing prototypes.

Identifying the need includes understanding the problem, identifying information, market segment, financial data, potential customers, collaborations and formulating detailed requirements.

The critical requirements that are ranked according to the level of importance, will affect the chosen solution and the development process.

specification, which includes a detailed description of the requirements from the product.

We will summarize this step in the SRR survey in which we will present the product specifications and its alternatives.

We will choose from a list of all the possible alternatives and ideas for solving the problem,


final or experimental initial model which, after the construction of the prototype and its conclusions, will progress to serial production.

In the production of an initial prototype, we will use a variety of technologies such as: 3D printing, laser cutting, plasma cutting, computerized bending, CNC and more.

Why produce a prototype and not the final product?

A prototype is a preliminary model, the purpose of which is to create low-cost testing for engineering feasibility, design, functionality and other metrics.

You can of course skip this step and go out to create a serial without this step and in case you want to improve or optimize the product find another version for a serial create.


Machining, milling and engraving

Is a term that describes a machine that includes a computer-programmed controller that can be used to make parts by milling and engraving.

What is Mechanical Design?

Is an Engineering design for mechanical part or components

which includes the industrial design of the product, engineering and ergonomic design.

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